About Your Visit

You Are Our Focus

southcoast specialtycntr - About Your VisitOur doctors and team are dedicated to bringing you exceptional care and making your experience as pleasant as possible. In this section you will find details to help you prepare for the day of your procedure. You will also find the patient notices that you are required to review prior to your procedure, and an overview of the way your day will flow at South Coast Specialty Surgery Center. If there is anything left unanswered, please call us at 800.578.8521.

Family & Friends

For the comfort of all our patients, we ask that you have no more than two people accompany you to South Coast Specialty Surgery Center. It is best to leave small children at home with a guardian. During your procedure, your companions may take a seat in our waiting room. Once your procedure is complete, your doctor will inform them about your condition. If your companions must leave the center, they can be notified by cell phone when the doctor is ready to speak with them. When you are ready for discharge, you may choose to have your family join you in consultation to review discharge instructions with your doctor.

We ask companions to refrain from eating or drinking anything in the reception area as a consideration to our patients who have been without food or drink for many hours. If you wish to step out for nourishment, there are many coffee shops and fast food restaurants nearby. Our receptionist has a list of area restaurants, stores and gas stations. The waiting area features comfortable seating and relaxing music, free Internet access and wide screen TV.

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