Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injury 1 South Coast Specialty - Ankle InjuriesWhether this is a cronic or new injury, our board certified podiatrist will address your problem with the upmost attention. Not only is Dr. Kim a well respected surgeon, he has amazing rapport with his patients. When an ankle is injured from twisting in towards the other foot, called an inversion injury, most commonly the anterior talofibular ligament is stretched or torn. If the two other primary ligaments on the outside of the ankle (the posterior talofibular ligament and the calcaneofibular ligament) are also injured the primary bone of the ankle, the talus, can be displaced from beneath the tibia, and the ankle “shucks” out of joint. A physician or trainer examining the ankle soon after injury can compare the amount of “shuck” to the opposite ankle and develop a grade for the amount of injury suffered.

Ankle Injury 2 South Coast Specialty - Ankle InjuriesIf the injury is limited to one ligament, the instability is less. If all three are involved, the ankle is more unstable. The nerve supply to injured ligaments can also be injured.

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