Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation Revision 1 South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Breast Augmentation RevisionNot all augmentations are equally successful. South Coast Specialty is here to perform breast augmentation revision to correct any and all problems that may have been created during procedures performed elsewhere. Breast augmentation remains among the most commonly obtained and safest of all plastic surgeries.

Considering Breast Reduction

Breasts that are too large can cause physical pain and discomfort, predominantly in the back, neck, and shoulders, as well as irritation of the skin beneath the breasts. Some women seek breast reductions in order to balance out a high variation in size from side to side. The pressure can force brassiere straps to cut into the shoulders and create visible grooves. Large breasts are not the only cause for a reduction; dense, fibrous breasts that aren’t necessarily as large can cause just as much pain and discomfort.

Don’t let large breasts prevent you from physical activity or make the simple daily task difficult. Our goal is for personal comfort with you body image, reducing the feeling of being self-conscious about breast size and allowing you to live your life in comfort.

How it is done

Breast Augmentation Revision 2 South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Breast Augmentation RevisionDuring the breast reduction procedure, your plastic surgeon will make an incision that extends from the nipple down to the chest wall and then under your breast. Once the incision is made, the surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue. Remaining tissue is moved to a new position for an even, proportional look. The surgeon then closes the skin around your new breast mound.


Insurance coverage is a possibility your health and well being are compromised by overly large breasts. Insurance-covered breast reduction surgery is important for women who experience excessive back pain, skin irritation, and decreased mobility.

Make sure to communicate with your surgeon regarding: if you plan to lose a large amount of weight; if you want children in the future as you may lose the ability to nurse your child after a breast reduction surgery.

Make sure this decision is yours. Do not go through with any cosmetic procedures because others’ want you to. Here at South Coast Specialty, we are here to give you the body you want.

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