Buttock Enhancements

Buttock Enhancement 1 South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Buttock EnhancementsSouth Coast Specialty is comprised of top surgeons, specialists, consultants, and health care providers. We know beauty, but we also know wellness, health, and hospitality. From your first free consultation to your last follow-up appointment, we provide attentive care and support. Our board-certified surgeons have years of experience in enhancing the natural beauty of our patients. An increasingly popular enhancement is the butt lift.

South Coast Specialty offers butt lift procedures to help patients maintain a sense of personal confidence in their body silhouette.

What is a Butt Lift?

There are two main types of butt enhancement procedures to choose from: traditional implants or the Brazilian butt lift.

Traditional Implants

With this option you have a wide variety of buttock implants of various sizes and shapes to choose from based on your personal goals and your body type. Buttock implants are filled with silicone gel, which closely resembles the smooth firmness of human fat. The buttock implant is placed away from the bony areas people sit on and the important nerves, making the outer and upper regions of the buttock firmer and rounder. Placing implants is a fairly simple procedure that is performed under general anesthetic.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttock Enhancement 2 South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Buttock EnhancementsRecently, the more popular procedure for gaining volume and firmness in your behind is the Brazilian butt lift, or Brazilian buttock implant, which uses the most natural type of implant there is: your own body fat. This procedure comprises two steps. In the first step, the surgeon collects the patient’s own fat through liposuction, commonly taken from the waist, flanks, lower back, stomach, and thighs. This gives the surgeon enough fat to work with and helps to contour areas around the buttock for more dramatic, flattering results without throwing off the patient’s proportions. The collected fat is purified before being reintroduced into the body.

In the second step, the purified donor fat is incorporated into the buttock through a series of injections. Each injection is placed at different levels—under the skin, under the muscle, and areas between the skin and muscle—to provide an attractive increase in size as well as a more contoured shape that will last longer.

What is best for you?

Between implants and the Brazilian butt lift, most people prefer the latter. This butt lift method offers the most natural results and contours to the areas around the buttock. However, your surgeon may insist on butt implants if you don’t have enough body fat to collect. This is often true of naturally thin patients or patients who have more muscle mass than fat. You can explore the best option for you with your surgeon, who will ensure you get the results you want.

Questions about Brazilian butt lifts or for more information, please request a free consultation through our website or by calling 800-578-8521. The staff and doctors of South Coast Specialty look forward to hearing from you.