Cohesive Gel Implants

Also known as the “Gummy Bear Implants”, cohesive breast implants are the latest form of implants available to women seeking breast augmentation surgery. These implants are still filled with silicone, but unlike the traditional silicone implant, gummy bear implants have a more glutinous, sticky texture. The implants gained their namesake from their feel: they have a viscosity that is reminiscent of gummy bears. These implants are available in round and teardrop shapes.

The firmness of these implants allows for a more natural look and breast shape, but firmness is just the start. The best part of these implants is that they don’t lose shape. In fact, when you remove the shell covering around the implant, the silicone inside would retain the same perfect shape, which decreases the risk of rupture. Cohesive breast implants also significantly reduce rippling and wrinkling normally caused by implants. That firm form decreases the risk of capsular contracture, which describes the immune system’s abnormal response to foreign materials. Gummy bear implants are especially effective for patients who need implant revisions, wherein the breast pocket is already stretched out.

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