Deviated Nasal Septum

Deviated Nasal Septum 1 South Coast Specialty - Deviated Nasal SeptumThe only way a deviated septum can be fixed is through surgery, and is not recommended until after adolescence, when the nose stops growing. There are no medications or physical therapy methods that can be performed, since this is an anatomic structural problem. Without surgery, it may be possible to improve airflow and breathing by using nasal steroid sprays or allergy medications to decrease any swelling inside the nose.

How surgery works-

A small incision is made inside the nose, and the mucosal lining is carefully lifted away from the septum on one side. The septum is incised immediately in front of the deviation, and the nasal mucosal lining is lifted away from the septum on the opposite side. The deviated septum is now physically removed. One removes the deviated septum completely, instead of forcing it into a midline position. This is because the septum is just like a young tree sapling. It has “memory” and bending or forcing it into a certain position will last only temporarily before it springs back to how it was before.

Deviated Nasal Septum 2 South Coast Specialty - Deviated Nasal SeptumThe nasal mucosal lining is re-approximated in the midline. Recovery from septoplasty is about 3-4 days long. Most patients are surprised by how little pain there is after surgery. There is no bruising or swelling of the face or external nose, unless the patient requires or requests a rhinoplasty (reshaping of the outside of the nose) as well. The biggest complaint after surgery is typically congestion and drainage that may last as long as 2-3 weeks. Because this is mainly caused by swelling and trauma inside the nasal cavity, it will slowly resolve itself over time as the nose heals. (Fortunately, not everyone experiences these post-operative symptoms.)

Unless the operation is performed with a rhinoplasty, there will be no change to the outside appearance of the nose. And after surgery, almost all patients will have excellent improvements in their quality of life, sleep, and breathing for the rest of their lives.

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