Facial Implants

Facial Implants 1 South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Facial ImplantsHigh cheekbones are generally considered a sign of beauty, giving the appearance of elegance, youth and vitality. Celebrities Bo Derek and Raquel Welch have facial contours that many have desired over the years. One way to create an illusion of high cheekbones is through the application of cosmetic makeup. After time, makeup may not be sufficient to create that illusion.

Surgery to insert implants in the cheek area has recently become more popular. This surgery can give definition to a face that has a flat contour due to underdeveloped cheekbones, or replace lost volume in the midface. It is also done to correct facial defects or asymmetries. It may be performed in conjunction with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery, browlift and facelift.

Although there are different approaches to placement of the cheek implant, the best and least invasive is placement through a small incision inside the mouth, which leaves NO scars on the face.

Facial Implants 2 South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Facial ImplantsThe implants come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, so that the proper one can be selected for each individual. The implants are carefully designed to fit the skeletal form resulting in a very natural appearance. Most are made of Silastic, a soft inert material that has been found safe for implantation. Some temporary swelling and bruising of the face are to be expected and resolve spontaneously within a few days.

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