Facial Rejuenation

Facial Rejuvenation 1 South Coast Specialty 1 300x200 - Facial RejuenationThroughout different cultures and times concepts of beauty may change. But it is unequivocally recognized that young faces are more attractive.

It has become evident that with aging, there is a loss of volume in the face that contributes to sagging. Therefore some facial contour deficiencies that can only be corrected by addition of volume.

Currently there are many options in dermal fillers that can add volume to the face. For example, Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse, Restylane, Sculptra and ArteFill are some of the available fillers on the market today.

The oldest filler available is fat, used in fat transfer or grafting. Using gentle liposuction, the fatty tissue can be obtained from some other part of the body. Unfortunately, most of these fillers are only temporary and last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.

Facial Rejuvenation South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Facial RejuenationAn alternative and simple way to add volume to the face is by placement of facial implants, which are permanent. The most commonly used facial implants are cheek implants, chin implants and mandibular angle (jaw line) implants.

South Coast Specialty’s board-certified and highly skilled surgeons can provide options that are best for you. They will listen to your concerns, help you choose the right path best for you and our support staff will walk you through all steps including financing options. We take great pride in helping our patients not only feel more beautiful, confident and healthy.

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