Gastric Bypass Revision

Gastric Bypass Revision South Coast Specialty 300x220 - Gastric Bypass RevisionSouth Coast Specialty will get severely overweight individuals back on track towards the substantial weight loss and greatly improved health that they hoped for when they first decided to get surgery. Patients who have received an unsuccessful gastric bypass should never despair. Gastric bypass revisions are performed by bariatic surgeons who are board certified and have done thousands of these types of procedures.

Seemly natural for patients who have undergone an unsuccessful bariatric surgery to become discouraged, it’s important to remember the reason for the procedure in the first place. A gastric bypass revision surgery can successfully deal with such potentially life threatening conditions as high blood pressure and diabetes. It can also lower the risks of heart disease, stroke, and numerous other health threats. With lowered body weight, you are reducing the strain placed on joints and muscles. This can make an enormous difference in dealing with many types of chronic pain. The psychological benefits are just as important.

The bariatric surgeons associated with South Coast Specialty are some of the finest practitioners anywhere; they are more than ready and able to handle the challenges of revision surgery to produce the best possible outcome.

The support staff working for South Coast Specialty is effective at walking patients through the recovery process and maintaining weight loss, even years after the procedure. This is something that seperates South Coast Specialty from other facilities. As experienced weight loss surgeons, they are also highly skilled with lap band revision and conversions to gastric sleeve.

If you have questions regarding gastric bypass revision or any of the weight loss treatments offered at South Coast Specialty, please contact us.

You can request a free consultation through our website or by calling 800-578-8521. The staff and doctors at South Coast Specialty look forward to hearing from you.