Hammertoe 1 South Coast Specialty - HammertoeHammertoes are caused largely by shoes, such as pumps, that jam the front of the toe against the front of a shoe. The result is that the toes are distorted and look something like a hammer. This condition can be quite painful, especially when shoes are being worn. Aside from the pain and the mild deformity, hammertoe may also have a negative effect on the sufferer’s sense of balance. And that’s not to mention the fact that this condition is unsightly and often very embarrassing for the sufferer.

South Coast Specialty is here to help with all issues relating to the health and beauty of your feet. If you are suffering from this painful condition you need to see our podiatrist (foot specialist) at South Coast Specialty. South Coast Specialty will make a major difference as you work with one of our skilled and compassionate podiatrist. Our goal is for you to have healthy, pain-free, and attractive feet. We will analyze the degree of damage and look at how best to deal with the hammertoe condition. Very often, hammertoe can be treated by changing the style of patient’s footwear, using special shoe inserts, or with stretching exercises.

Hammertoe 2 South Coast Specialty - HammertoeIn some cases, our board certified surgeons might suggest that hammertoe surgery is needed to correct toes that have lost a significant amount of their flexibility. This surgery can range from an extremely simple procedure to something more complex, but in either case you can rely on having the assistance of a highly skilled and committed doctor working for you.

Whatever the situation, our staff is committed to our patient’s comfort, convenience, and overall health.

Hammertoe is caused by-

Hammertoe occurs when a muscle and ligament imbalance around the toe joint causes the toe’s middle joint to become bent or curled. For Southern Californians suffering from hammertoes, the expert podiatrists at South Coast Specialty have proven remarkably effective in treating and alleviating these distressing symptoms.

If you’re afflicted toe still has some flexibility, a South Coast Specialty surgeon can often straighten it by making a simple incision in the toe and releasing the tendon. However for toes that have lost their flexibility, we may recommend more involved hammertoe surgery. In those cases, tendons in the foot are cut and realigned, and in some instances, pieces of bone are removed to straighten the toe.

Though we tend to take it for granted until there’s a problem, the foot is an incredibly complex area of the body. That is why it is essential that hammertoes surgery be performed by a superbly skilled, board-certified podiatrist such as those at South Coast Specialty. Our outstanding team of medical professionals is here to ensure that procedures are performed to the highest standards. We are here to help from the moment you come in and throughout your recovery. At South Coast Specialty, our doctors are constantly working on improved surgical and treatment techniques, ensuring patients receive the best possiblecare for hammertoes or any other affliction they present.

If you’re suffering from hammertoes or another foot issue, contact the specialists at South Coast Specialty. Our team of renowned medical professionals is always eager to assist patients with any medical and aesthetic concerns they may face. It’s time to start your journey towards lifelong wellness and beauty.

Hammertoe Surgery

Hammertoe is often caused by wearing high heels or shoes that are too tight in the toe box, and can lead to increased pressure and discomfort when wearing shoes. While the condition is fairly common, it can, in some cases, cause severe pain. Fortunately for those suffering from hammertoes, the team at South Coast Specialty includes a number of top-tier podiatrists with a great deal of experience performing all types of hammertoe treatment or, when needed, hammertoe surgery.

If you are experiencing persistent foot pain or trouble walking and moving the affected foot may be encouraged by our highly skilled and empathetic experts to undergo hammertoe surgery. As performed by the surgeons at South Coast Specialty, hammertoe surgery involves the cutting and realignment of tendons and, in some cases, the removal of pieces of bone to straighten the toe. The bones are often set with pins until the toe heals.

Our highly experienced board certified podiatrists at South Coast Specialty will provide first rate medical care, so that our patients can experience the superior care that has made us among the most respected doctors in California.

For a free consultation with one of our physicians regarding podiatry issues, or any other related medical issues you may have, please request a free consultation through our website or by calling 800-578-8521. The staff and doctors of South Coast Specialty look forward to hearing from you.