Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Ingrown toenails are those that have grown into the skin and not over it. While most common with the big toe, the affliction can occur with any toe, and can often lead to pain, infection, and swelling. There are several ways to treat a painful and unsightly ingrown nail.

If our board certified podiatrist recommends surgery then they will move swifty to alleviate the pain. During ingrown toenail surgery, of our surgeon will often cut the edge of the ingrown toenail and pull out the piece of nail. In order to ensure the nail does not grow into the skin again, a surgeon may then perform ingrown toenail removal.

For a surgery involving such an intricate and essential element of the body as the foot, our experienced and talented surgeons here at South Coast Specialty will use their vast experience to perform excellent work as related to the foot.

Our staff of surgeons and medical support staff at South Coast Specialty team are renowned throughout Southern California and around the globe. We are commitment to providing a team of widely respected specialists in a variety of fields so that our patients have the resources at their disposal to receive the best care.

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