Neck Lift

Neck Lift 2 South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Neck LiftIf you’re experiencing the loose neck skin that comes with aging or significant weight loss, a neck lift can restore youthful tightness to this delicate area of your body. Contact our office today for a free consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your goals, desired results, concerns, budget, and surgeon. We are committed to supporting our patients and helping them achieve personal beauty and wellness goals.

Why get a Neck Lift?

Whether genetics, aging or drastic weight loss has resulted in loose skin around the neck, the doctors here at South Coast Specialty can help. The neck is one of the most fickle areas of the body. Double chins, jowls, and drooping skin around the neck are just a few common problems associated with the neck area. For some individuals, the drooping skin and lack of definition around the jaw line can make individuals feel self-conscious about their appearance and reduce their overall confidence.

What is a Neck Lift?

Like a face lift, a neck lift (technically known as a cervicoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat, tissue, and sagging skin around the neck, resulting in an attractive and youthful neck and jaw line.

During a general neck lift surgery, your plastic surgeon will make a small incision beneath the chin or sometimes behind the ears. From there, the surgeon will tighten your neck muscles and remove excess fat, skin, and tissue. In newer procedures, the surgeon may use an endoscope.

In some cases the doctor may perform a neck liposuction in conjunction with your neck lift surgery. For a neck liposuction, your surgeon will make incisions behind each ear and under the chin. From there, your surgeon will suction fat from underneath the chin and around the jaw line.
Neck Lift South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Neck Lift

Mini Neck Lift-

A mini neck lift, or submentoplasty, is more common for younger patients who are near their ideal body weight but have a moderate amount of loose skin in the neck area. As opposed to a full neck lift, mini neck lifts do not involve the removal of skin.

Enhancing the shape and contour of your neckline and jaw can make you look signifigantly younger. Many people seek neck lift surgery in conjunction with a face lift or brow lift to completely rejuvenate their looks.

Our board-certified surgeons have years of experience in enhancing the natural beauty of our patients. Raise your self-esteem and confidence by contacting our staff to see which procedure is right for you.

For more information about neck lifts, please request a free consultation through our website or by calling 800-578-8521. The staff and doctors of South Coast Specialty look forward to hearing from you.