Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Revision Weight Loss Surgery South Coast Specialty 300x200 - Revision Weight Loss SurgerySouth Coast Specialty can help patients who are disappointed because their weight has not sufficiently declined after a surgery. We understand that a weight loss procedure that fails to achieve the needed results can be a truly upsetting experience. Patients may also be dealing with the symptoms of a failed operation that may include repeated vomiting after meals, severe acid reflux, and chronic gastric pain. Sometimes, stomach capacity may actually seem to increase. When you come to us for revision weight loss surgery, we believe it is our role not only to perform the best possible surgery to fix the problem, but to restore your hope in your ability to make the lifestyle changes that will lead to permanent, healthy weight loss.

Bariatic surgeries are sometimes complex and may fail for a number of reasons, necessitating revision weight loss surgery. In some cases, mechanical complications such as pouch stretching or slipped bands can occur during a procedure; in other cases, the initial operation was simply insufficient to a patient’s needs. Sometimes, a patient may not be making the necessary changes in eating habits, possibly due to ineffective aftercare. Even the oldest bariatric procedures can go wrong because of a doctor’s error or unfortunate circumstances. When a gastric bypass revision is needed, obtaining the services of one our board certified bariatric surgeons at South Coast Specialty may be the best possible favor you can do for yourself. We have performed thousands of these procedures and you are in great hands.

Gastric bypass revision surgery or any other bariatric revision should always be performed by a highly skilled and experienced medical professional, as these procedures are often more challenging than other procedures. Our revisional bariatric surgery specialists are all board certified and widely acclaimed by industry professionals and patients alike. Plus, the South Coast Specialty team sticks with our patients long after the surgery, comforting them during trying times and assisting them with diet and exercise regiments.

If you are considering revision weight loss surgery, we want to hear from you. Contact South Coast Specialty today to request a free consultation with one of our surgeons. We’ll be happy to address any concerns you might have in order to ensure the right weight loss choice is made for each individual. We’re always eager to assist our patients on their journey toward lasting beauty, health and happiness.

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