Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Sleeve Gastrectomy South Coast Specialty 300x300 - Sleeve Gastrectomy SurgerySleeve Gastrectomy is rapidly becoming the most widely obtained weight loss surgery because it is extremely effective and less invasive than older procedures. Our board certified bariatric surgeons here at South Coast Specialty will begin the procedure with the removal of roughly 85 percent of the stomach, with the remainder being sewn into a sleeve-like shape. The surgery greatly limits the number of calories a person can eat; just as important, it also decreases feelings of hunger that lead to harmful overeating in the first place.

South Coast Specialty board certified surgeons specializing in weight loss are discovering that individuals who undergo gastric sleeve surgery don’t just lose weight, they feel good while doing it. When patients feel happy about their lives and are not constantly distracted by hunger, they are more likely to develop appropriate healthy eating and fitness habits. That means that, even after the initial dramatic weight loss of a sleeve gastrectomy, patients will very often continue to maintain their weight loss indefinitely. Our staff at South Coast Specialty consists of surgeons, nurses, and other who are dedicated to helping ensure that the positive changes that start with a vertical sleeve gastrectomy that last a lifetime.

In America, obesity is a growing problem, putting an alarming number of individuals at risk for serious diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Not only can a gastric sleeve performed at South Coast Specialty start patients on the road to permanent weight loss, our friendly and knowledgeable medical professionals will aid each patient in continuing with healthy lifestyle choices that ensure their weight stays lost in the years to come.

Gastric Sleeve Benefits-

Gastric sleeve surgery is a highly effective and increasingly popular procedure that removes a portion of the stomach, significantly reducing its size. With this reduced size, the amount of food one requires to feel full is greatly diminished, often leading to significant, life-changing weight loss. Like any important medical procedure, however, your gastric sleeve surgery should only ever be performed by a highly skilled and experienced bariatric surgeon such as those at South Coast Specialty.

One key benefit of the surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is that it avoids intestinal bypass, a component of other procedures that can sometimes lead to a number of unpleasant complications that include intestinal blockage, ulcers, osteoporosis, anemia, and nutritional deficiencies. When performed by the renowned specialists at South Coast Specialty, this makes sleeve surgery a less invasive and incredibly safe option for those suffering from excessive weight. Moreover, for patients with a high body mass index, a laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is a great first stage procedure for treating weight loss and can be followed up with other bariatric surgeries. For obese patients with a lower BMI, sleeve gastrectomy is often used alone as a bariatric treatment.

South Coast Specialty’s goals go beyond only physical health and we are proud to say that weight loss surgery has real psychological benefits. Our patients are guided confidently and comfortably through the important post-surgical time period, guaranteeing long-term and short-term success.

While the gastric sleeve procedure presents a major advancement in weight loss treatment, it is one of several available choices. All patients are different and a procedure that may be ideal for one person may be less desirable for another.

Top Rated Surgeons Performing Gastic Sleeve Surgery-

Who is your doctor?….Does he specialize in bariatics?…. Has he helped thousands of patients?…. How are his patient testimonials?… Where you go for weight loss surgery matters a great deal. South Coast Specialty is here to help patients at every step of the weight loss surgery process, starting with the decision about which procedure is best for you. The gastric sleeve is becoming one of the most commonly performed of all weight loss operations at our office, and for very good reason. Though all patients are different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the sleeve is among the least invasive and most reliably successful of weight loss surgeries. We have enjoyed great success with this increasingly popular form of bariatric surgery.

Don’t be confused by the name of the procedure, it is simple because a sleeve gastrectomy is named because of the sleeve-like shape of the stomach once the surgery is completed. Gastric sleeve surgery at South Coast Specialty is marked by a caring attitude and detailed follow-up work. While weight loss surgery is a legitimate modern miracle, it nevertheless requires numerous lifestyle changes and a fair amount of adjustment on the patient’s part. As you move towards achieving the dramatic gastric sleeve before and after results you are hoping for, our team of medical professionals will be there to help you make those important adjustments.

Our doctor will keep track of your progress, while a registered dietician will be available to provide detailed help to smooth over the transition to your new way of eating. In addition, since no organ of the body is more important for healthy weight loss than the mind, South Coast Specialty also provides access to a psychologist specializing in the field of healthy eating and weight loss.

Finally, dramatic weight losses can also sometimes have an unpleasant side-effect in terms of unattractive and occasionally uncomfortable skin folds that can accumulate afterwards. One major benefit of working with South Coast Specialty is outstanding in-house network of first-rate plastic surgeons, which have performed numerous post-bariatric procedures.

This individualized approach carries over to every aspect of the support we provide at South Coast Specialty. From follow-up care to ensure that the recovery period goes well, to individually designed payment plans where needed, we are here to help you look and feel your best in every way.

For more information, please request a free consultation through our website or by calling 800-578-8521. The staff and doctors of South Coast Specialty look forward to hearing from you.