Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery South Coast Specialty 300x261 - Weight Loss SurgerySouth Coast Specialty is comprised of top surgeons, specialists, consultants, and health care providers. At South Coast Specialty understand that decision to obtain weight loss surgery is serious business. It’s an absolute fact that being seriously overweight puts your health and your life at risk. Heart disease, stroke, cancer…the list of devastating health conditions that can severely reduce both the length and quality of your life is long and terrifying. At the same time, even regular, vigorous exercise and very sensible reduced calorie diets don’t end the long term struggle with obesity for most. Bariatric surgery has helped countless patients break the often destructive cycle of dieting and disappointment. Procedures like the gastric sleeve and Lap-Band® change the way we relate to food on a primary level, making significant weight loss vastly less difficult. Even so, the decision the go ahead with a bariatric procedure should never be made lightly.

We understand that where you you go to obtain weight loss surgery matters a great deal. That’s why here at South Coast Specialty we are dedicated to providing the very highest standard of care throughout the weight loss process. Our surgeons are the very finest practitioners of all weight loss surgery options. When necessary, our surgeons are also highly experienced at revision surgery to correct ineffective bariatric procedures performed elsewhere. Once a surgery is completed, however, our job is only beginning. We work continually with our patients to make sure their recoveries are smooth and that they stay on a proper diet and fitness plan. Long after a weight loss surgery is complete, our patients are maintaining a healthy weight and enjoying a far more active and dynamic lifestyle than before their surgery.

If you’re BMI (body mass index) is at least 30 and accompanied by weight-related health issues, or if it’s 40 or over even without any currently existing health problems, you are a likely candidate for weight loss surgery.

By contact South Coast Specialty and you’ll be put in touch with a surgeon who can guide you successfully through the follow-up process. We will be happy to address any concern you may have regarding our treatment, including weight loss surgery cost. By contact us we can find out about whether you are a candidate for bariatic surgery, please reach us by phone or request a free consultation or by calling 800-578-8521. We are looking forward to hearing from you